Mathematics is the Queen of Sciences according to Carl Friedrich Gauss. However, there a few attempts to reduce mathematics to logic - many philosophers states that mathematics can't be reffered as real science. But the fact that mathematical theories are hypothetico-deductive proves reversal thing - maths is the real science. Karl Popper wrote that mathematics is much closer to the natural sciences, than it has been believed recently. But some philosophers applied an idea of falsificationism to mathematics, as Imre Lakatos.

Mathematics has much in common with physics and other natuarl sciences - their methods are similar in exploration of logical assumptions and consequences.

As mathematicians aren't awarded with Nobel Prizes, there are several important mathematicians only awards. Fields Medal is the most prestigeous award in mathematics - it is awardeв one time in 4 years. Other honorary prizes are The Wolf Prize in Mathematics, the Abel Prize. Also mathematicians are awarded for solving problems from "Millennium Prize Problems", which was publoshed in 2000.